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Newhouse Farm has been lovingly run since William and Ada first moved into the farmhouse in 1924, and we are very proud to still be expanding generations later with our wonderful herd of Ayrshire cows. We take pride in keeping our herd happily grazing on the finest grub and we strive to keep the cows out as much as possible throughout the year, but of course all weather dependent!

In 1924 William and Ada Pike started their farming venture with their 3 young children, with just 20 Shorthorned cows and a handful of beef animals. All was on the up until in 1938 when foot & mouth spread throughout most of Southern England and unfortunately their Shorthorn herd were taken. William and Ada then purchased Ayrshire cattle from Scotland, but only a year later in 1939 with the outbreak of war, everyone was up against it. 

Following the conclusion of the Second world war and with the help of his sons Richard & Geoffrey, William Pike grew the business. In 1948 the farm was bought and more land became available to rent and expand. Over the following years the original cattle from Scotland have evolved.

New bloodlines have been introduced in the form of Freisian and Holstein cattle. However in 2011 the decision was made to revert back to the Ayrshire breed that once graced the fields at Newhouse Farm. The very best Ayrshire bulls have been chosen to breed with the existing herd. Father and son Richard & David Pike now run the farm with 'Madjeston Milk Station' the latest venture set up by David and his partner Abi with help from their two young children Archie and Olivia.


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