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As you arrive at the farm you will see our milk station sheds. The milk station is open 24/7. Since opening back in March 2018 we have expanded from selling our own milk, cheese and butter to now stock our own Ice cream, cream and a large variety of other local products.

Our self service vending machine is card only and dispenses both whole milk and semi skimmed milk. 

In the shed next door we have both 500ml and 1 litre glass bottles available to purchase from one of our other self service vending machines. We also sell pre bottled skimmed milk too.

The glass bottles are a great way to reduce your plastic waste and they can be washed in the dishwasher. 

Just keep refilling anytime day or night!

Our milk is all pasteurised and unhomogenised so safe for everyone to drink. The machine is refilled every morning so you know you are getting super fresh milk from the girls milked that very same morning!

Its not just milk that is dispensed from the vending machine. If you are looking for some flavoured milk, we have 6 different syrup flavours to choose from. 

These flavours are constantly changing so you can try a whole variety of flavours. Salted caramel milk poured into my coffee is my favourite!

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