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Using the milk vending machine

Come and see our milk station for yourself where you can pour your own bottle of pasteurised, non-homogenised whole milk, fresh from our herd of pedigree Ayrshire cows. Our vending machine is very simple to use, you can either use our very own 1 litre Madjeston Milk Station glass bottles or bring a bottle/container of your own. Our milk station dispenses in quantities of either 1 or 2 litres. For more information on using the machine please see below or instructions on the machine itself.  

In addition to our fresh milk we have expanded to sell lots of other products. Our other products stocked daily include fresh eggs, cheese, butter, tasty flavoured milkshakes, cream, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk, double cream, fudge, honey, ice cream, bread and much more ...

We would love your support for our farm and our wonderful herd's fresh and delicious produce. 

  1. Insert cash, coins or credit key.

  2. Open door and place your bottle under the nozzle.

  3. Press either the 1 or 2 litre buttons to dispense the milk.

  4. Once you finish filling, close the door and enjoy!