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Our Herd

Our herd is made up predominately of pedigree Ayrshires. The Ayrshires are exactly what we look for as they are very good grazers, kind natured, sturdy and produce wonderful, creamy, delicious milk. This milk is then used to make the finest cheese, butter and our very own ice cream.

Our cows we love very much and are part of our family, we make sure they have the very best. We achieve this by maintaining the highest standard of animal welfare. 

  • Tracks have been put in place all around the farm so the girls have easy and mess-free access to their grazing paddocks.

  • We carefully maintain our grazing paddocks by regularly measuring and analysing the grass.

  • All of us on the farm continuously check and ensure all the cows are in tip top condition so that our happy cows produce the best milk going.

  • Our cows even have the luxury of their very own electronic back scratchers, which allows them to keep themselves in pristine condition and helps them relax, resulting in more delicious milk and some very happy cows!  

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