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Our milk comes to you with no food miles and completely fresh.

It all starts at 3:30am when the girls are brought in for milking.

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Overall milking takes about 2.5 hours and once the girls have been milked they go straight back out to pasture or silage, depending on the weather. Each girl is only in the parlour for approx 15 mins to be milked and can produce up to 30 litres of milk a day. 

All the milk is then triple filtered, cooled and collected in the bulk tank next door.


Each day we will take just the right amount of milk from the bulk tank to fill up our pasteuriser (pictured below) you could imagine this is a big kettle that heats up and stirs the milk. At Madjeston Milk Station we are able keep all the taste and goodness our milk has to offer in it as we only gently batch pasteurise to 63 degrees, this then ensures any potential harmful bacteria is killed, but also keeping the good bacteria in the milk for all of us to benefit from.


After the milk is heated we then cool the milk as quickly as possible using our ice bank. The ice bank pumps ice cold water around a jacket surrounding the milk and this in turn cools the milk quickly. 

We then open the tap to filter and pour the milk into 'the vessel'. The vessel is the tank that wheels into the Milk Vending Machine and can be seen in the picture below.


The Vessel is then put into the vending machine and ready within a couple hours from the girls being milked to your glass bottle. You couldn't get your milk any fresher.

Our milk is non-homogenised so when left in the fridge the cream will rise to the top. this is how milk is supposed to be and if you love the cream you can scoop it from the top or you can simply shake the bottle and the cream with disperse into the milk. Either way it is super tasty and safe for the whole family to drink... and has loads of health benefits.

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