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Newhouse Farm Dairy, Cole Street Lane, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 5JQ | © Newhouse Farm Dairy 2017


Our milk comes to you with no food miles and completely fresh.

It all starts at 2:30am when the girls are brought in for milking.

Milking takes about 2.5 hours and once the girls have been milked they go straight back out to pasture or silage, depending on the weather.

The milk is then triple filtered on its way to a big refrigerated tank.

Straight after milking we pasteurise the milk here on the farm and load it straight into our vending machine.

Our milk is not homogenised or standardised and we use the gentlest pasteurising process possible to preserve all its natural quality and goodness.

Overall the milk gets from our cows to you within 24 hours, making it as fresh as can be.