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What is non-homogenised milk?

Homogenising is a process milk goes through to make it look more appealing to the customer and has no nutritional value. People over the years have come to think milk should be 'white' and all 'one consistency', where in fact natural milk has a creamy top layer to it which adds nutritional value and is better for digestion. 



To homogenise milk, the milk is forced through a machine at a very high pressure, which breaks up the fat particles in the milk to make them so small they disperse evenly throughout the milk. 

It is thought that when the fat particles are broken down they are absorbed through the lining of your stomach and into your blood stream. Some studies have shown a link between the consumption of homogenised milk and higher cholesterol levels and even an increased risk of heart disease.

If milk is left non-homogenised (as our milk is) then the fat particles are the size they are intended to be. This means your body can digest them normally and as it should. 

If you are not keen on the creamy top to the milk but would like delicious, nutritious and super fresh milk, all you need to do is give the bottle a quick shake before pouring. 

We hope you enjoy our milk as much as we do.

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